Hello My Name Is...

Katrina Stanley

Week of Feb. 6 - Feb. 10

 Pre- Algebra
Homework sheet #20 due on Monday Feb 6.
Homework sheet # 21 will be given out on Monday and is due on
Monday Feb. 13. Warm ups will be done each day. Check the
make up folder for the warm ups if you are absent. The class
objective for this week is volume of 3 dimensional figures.
Grades are calculated as follows:
warm-ups  20%
Homework 30%
Test 40%
Participation 10%

Algebra 1
Homework sheet  #3 Due on Tues. 7
Homework # 4 Due on Mon. 13 
 Daily Warm ups at the beginning of class (check folder if absent)
The class objective for the week is multiplying polynomials.
Test on Friday Feb. 10 on this weeks topics
Grades are calculated as follows:
Warm-ups 30%
Homework 20%
Tests 40%
participation 10%